Edutainment Programs

The Art of Timeless Precision


Watches are the combination of divine wisdom and human craftsmanship, each timepiece should capture the charisma of its owner. Whether you're a thrill seeker or a contemporary connoisseur, there is a watch for every personality. Join Lifestyle Federation to uncover the mystery behind your favourite timepiece and find out how different movements contribute to their  value.

For more than 1,000 years, saké has been Japan's national drink. It is equivalent to beer and wine when it comes to complementing a wide range of cuisines. In addition to being one of the most food-friendly beverages, drinking sake in moderation is also good for your health. To experience the different types and flavours of rice wine, join Lifestyle Federation to explore the world of saké and discover the age-old wisdom in every bottle.

A Treasure from the East


Human sensory perception is a baffling thing, but learning to appreciate what is on your tongue will surely open up a world of cultural diversity. With Lifestyle Federation, you can immerse your palate in a plethora of cheese flavours and learn the professional way to set up a cheeseboard as you charm guests with your cheese cutting skills. You can also indulge in exquisite wine and food pairings.

Nature Seasoned


As a pioneer of this concept, every solution is designed with “edutainment” at its core. Our programs and events are all tailored to our clients’ specific requirements and intentions. Through creative, interactive activities we strategically convey our clients’ goals and aspirations to their customers. We are constantly coming up with new ideas to power your brand so get in touch if you would like to know more!

Crafted to Perfection

"Craft Beer"

Discover what the world of beer has to offer besides the usual lagers or ales. You will encounter many uniquely flavoured beers sure to excite your taste buds. Interesting food pairings will also heighten your gastronomical experience. Expect to enjoy a variety of interesting craft beers from around the world learning the history and development of the industry, how beer is made and what determines its variety.

Ordinary as they may seem, these stones are considered by the Chinese to be the bridge between heaven and earth and are often admired for their healing powers and translucent beauty. Delve into the realm of legends and learn to appreciate Jade, China's most precious gem with Lifestyle Federation. You can join us for a delightful meal as we guide you through the significance of Jade in the Chinese culture.

Stones of the Orient


70 years ago, diamonds were rarely part of the engagement tradition, then in 1947 the world's leading diamond company changed the market single-handedly with the slogan, 'A diamond is forever'. We will uncover the billion dollar secrets of the diamond industry and investigate its transformation from humble origins into producer of the world’s most precious stones. Become your own expert by learning how to analyse a GIA diamond certificate.

Everlasting Luster


The Scent of Remembrance


A scent conjures emotional memories in a completely involuntary and automatic way. The reason for this is because our olfactory system is closely connected to the brain's memory bank, so the slightest hint of a particular scent can link us to an event, a person or even a place. Join Lifestyle Federation to immerse yourself in the world of perfume and learn to make yourself unforgettable by creating your own custom blended fragrance.

Tea is the oldest Chinese invention enjoyed the world over. Tea etiquette concerns the rituals, rules and artistry in tea appreciation, choosing the right utensils, the correct water, tea leaves, and eventually serving the tea. With Lifestyle Federation you can indulge in an authentic tea experience with China's finest teas, and try your hands at tea steeping and siphon brewing with a modern twist.

Indulge in a Soulful Brew

"Chinese Tea"

A steaming fresh brew is a great way to start your day, sipping coffee with friends is also considered an effective way to start a conversation. Today, coffee is grown in a multitude of countries around the world, tracing its heritage to trees in the ancient coffee forests. Take part in Lifestyle Federation's cupping event to get a taste of the world's favourite bean to enhance your tasting journey.

A Cup of Inspiration


Add Bubbles to Your Life


For hundreds of years, Champagne has been synonymous with celebrations. Even today, a party instantly loses its spark without a proper Brut classic, or better yet, a charming Rosé to make an impression. Champagne continues to conquer people’s hearts with its bubbly character and distinctive aftertaste. Immerse yourself in the world of champagne with Lifestyle Federation to discover the art of wine and food pairing, and start tasting the stars.

In Spain, the act of cutting a leg of ibérico ham by hand is considered an artful ritual. Sliced into paper-thin strips and prized for its unique taste, the rice and creamy texture of the ibérico ham is created by the aromatic acorns of Encina oak trees. Join Lifestyle Federation to experience the magic of the ibérico ham and enjoy a flavour fiesta that melts in your mouth.

Mouth Melting Luxury

"Iberico Ham"

Fuel your spirit with the rich aroma of whisk(e)y, as each sip elevates your senses with its complex and

distinctive aftertaste. Made from top-quality grains, the drink captures not only the divine taste of nature, but awakens the hidden connoisseur in you. Join Lifestyle Federation to explore the joys of whisk(e)y tasting and discover the different classes and types, all complemented by delectable canapés.

A Soulful Immersion