We are proud and honoured to be working with such a strong network of clients and partners in the corporate and lifestyle world, which keeps us up to date on the latest trends in creating unique and memorable experiences for your customers. 

Our Clients, Our Partners


To Entertain,To Empower, To Appreciate the Finer Things in Life

We live curiously.

Lifestyle Federation brings you the new concept of ‘edutainment’, embracing the finer things in life. We deliver high quality, entertaining, informative and interactive lifestyle experiences to encourage curious living.


In a business context, customer loyalty is encouraged through emotional connection to a brand. We help enhance our clients’ brands through customised initiatives supported by careful identification of market trends and a deep understanding of the brand and its customer profile.


We aim to create a one-of-a-kind experience, driving customer growth through

improved brand image and awareness.


We are here to help your business excel!

Our Story, Our Mission